Anna Redwine


Anna Redwine’s artwork is experiential on multiple levels – in the conception, the making and the viewing. The New Orleans native works   in a process that sounds just as improvisational as legendary NOLA jazz greats Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll [...]

Jerry Stover


Autumn in the south, slightly before the sun is realized above the horizon, brings a feeling unique to this part of the world.  It’s crisp, but not truly cold. The air smells like the rolling smoke off of smoldering apple [...]

Jeff Amberg


Jeff Amberg listens to the voices in his head. Well, one voice, more accurately. The photographer-turned-fine artist has spent more than 30 years shooting photojournalism and commercial images. One day in the midst of editing photos, a demanding little voice [...]

Colin Quashie


If you’re expecting a subtle, tasteful discussion of social justice issues in contemporary American culture, then Colin Quashie is not the artist for you. But if you are moved by engaged visual criticism and see its potential to have an [...]

Morey Weinstein


If Pixar made  Toy Story with the aid of a pinch of stimulants and a lick of LSD, in effect elevating each computer-generated image to new heights of realism and intricacy and pure, eye-popping color, the end result might resemble [...]

Marina Alexandra


Marina Alexandra’s passion to play and teach classical guitar is changing our corner of the world.  Her brainchild, the Southern Guitar Festival and Competition, held its inauguration on June 23rd and 24th, 2012.  Bringing world-caliber guitarists to this city and [...]

Glenn Saborosch


Imbuing static objects with an inspiring sense of motion compels sculptor Glenn Saborosch to create. “I am challenged by taking a most solid and unmoving material and expressing the opposite with a figure that moves impressionistically through space,” said the [...]

Kent Ambler


  From his first job working for a sign company right out of college, doing anything from hand lettering, billboards, and neon design, to a move to New Mexico trying to fit into the area art scene, the most recent [...]

The Advanced Genius Theory


  On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Bob Dylan’s first album, I would like to introduce you to the only concept that can adequately explain the arc of his career since the release of that record: Advancement. “Advancement”, [...]

Off Menu with Kristian: Buenos Aires

Fierro Resto

El Federal Not to be mistaken for the touristy Bar El Federal in San Telmo, Chef Paula Comparatore’s restaurant in Retiro is an absolute gem. Specializing in Patagonian cuisine in a rustic, yet thoroughly modern environment, this has become our [...]