The Royal Tinfoil


It’s impossible not to love The Royal Tinfoil. The Charleston-based quintet describes themselves alternately as “fake cousins that like to party” and “fake cousins who fell down a well”, and this charming faux-family plays some really gorgeous tunes that vocalist [...]

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Walking off the Big Apple. A blog from the city by editor Terri Tynes Underrated or Misinterpreted from Cameron B. Cook Paris Mtn Scout. A blog from Chris White, film editor Watson Tate Savory. Architecture editor Tom Savory Rosso. Culinary [...]

Three’s a Charm: Lee III, Thomas Phifer’s addition to Clemson University’s Lee Hall


If there is one building type that every architect knows well, it is the Architecture School.  The place where all architects are created, it is the architect incubator, the silent teacher that’s always there.  Architects will speak often of their [...]

Art in the Open: Thomas Phifer’s North Carolina Museum of Art


In a recent presentation to the American Institute of Architects, at his newly completed North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, architect Thomas Phifer opened by saying “I love being an architect.” And standing in the museum it is easy [...]

Hollis Brown Thornton


When asked what art means to you, there are countless available responses one could give; deep, monumental responses, but when presented the question, all Hollis Brown Thornton had to say was, “It makes me happy.” What more of a response [...]

David Yaghjian


Striking out on his own for a hike into the verdant Palatinate Forest that skirts Kaiserslautern, Germany, artist David Yaghjian either caught up with, or outpaced, Everyman. Patrons, collectors and art critics have speculated since the first appearance of the [...]

Diana Farfán


Diana Farfán was driven to her current body of work by a stint teaching art to underprivileged children in her hometown of Bogotá, Colombia. She now lives in Greenville, SC and works both from the garage of her house and [...]

Sigmund Abeles


Following his guest-curated exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art, An Artist’s Eye, Sigmund Abeles has resumed his active art life in New York. He spends part of the week in his art-filled residence in an historic building on Manhattan’s [...]


Starting next issue we’ll pick an artist and give them 5 days and $500 to create something spectacular. No other rules. All mediums. Sound interesting? Here’s how it works. The editorial board of undefined will meet and choose an artist [...]