Woodie Wentworth


When  Woodie Wentworth strolls down history-drenched MacDougal Street in the heart of New York’s Greenwich Village, walking the same path of dissension as such luminaries as Pollock, Ginsberg, and Dylan – both Thomas and Bob – she doesn’t look necessarily [...]

Russell Biles


Russell Biles’ brick bungalow just north of downtown Greenville has a wide front porch and a terraced backyard that falls away into dense woods. From that lush and sun-dabbled space you pass through a door into a dark and musty [...]

Morihiko Nakahara


Morihiko Nakahara is at Inakaya, a Japanese restaurant on Two Notch Road. He doesn’t order, the food just starts coming. Some white flounder, tuna, horse mackerel in which the carcass of the fish has been skewered and wrapped around the [...]

Tyrone Geter


Tyrone Geter recently had hip replacement surgery and was getting around with a stick, good for, he noted, keeping away dogs and writers. He was sitting in the den in an easy chair before the fireplace which, this August morning, [...]

Cary Ann Hearst


Cary Ann Hearst comes across as a redheaded fireball whose diminutive size belies her larger-than-life personality and voice. Frequently backed by her husband, Michael Trent of The Films, the two musicians can be seen in various locales around Charleston, and [...]

Erik Campos shot rock n’ roll


It happens at almost every rock show. You’re right down front, being elbowed and jostled. The band is roaring, the crowd is screaming, the lights are dancing across the stage, and suddenly it hits you. “This is magical,” you tell [...]

Spoleto Sorted Out


When people look at the Spoleto Festival USA, they’re sometimes overwhelmed. Where to start? If you’re interested in traditional classical music and opera, it should be simple enough, but it isn’t. And what’s with these operas you’ve never heard of? [...]

Bonnie Goldberg


Standing naked, I tried not to stare directly into the bright light. I felt completely outside of my body, and a little bit faint, until a calming voice urged me to relax and breathe, to just shake the stress out [...]

Lyon Forrest Hill


When an artist undergoes a great change, it is inevitable that his work will reveal the past, present and future. Lyon Hill’s portfolio reads like a narrative self-portrait that stems from torment and blossoms into a dark, yet romantic evolution, [...]

Adam Shiverdecker


Adam Shiverdecker claims to be “working towards becoming a better artist” – yet this talented sculptor already has a solo art exhibition and several acclaimed group shows under his belt. To top off this résumé, his piece entitled Mutiny took [...]