3004 Forest Drive by Gary Matson


Gary Matson is Columbia’s Modernist man. Along with his wife, Liisa, six-year-old son Ethan, five-year-old daughter Emma, and bulldog Woobie, Gary lives in one of Columbia’s most noticeable homes – and that’s not just because of the robots that preside [...]

Dre Lopez


Anyone who saw one of the newest graphic designs by Sahir “Dré” Lopez knows his work can cause viewers to stop and stare. On his recent two-page spread, neon-colored, bomb-shaped blocks displaying alarming images such as cocaine, ecstasy, firearms, and [...]

Thomas Crouch


Thomas Crouch is the proverbial onion.  Overwhelming to say the least, his persona is tough to crack.  So tough, the potent fumes of his philosophies and his paint almost brought tears to my eyes.  At first:  Outwardly simple, goes with [...]

Jay Hubbell


Step out the back door of Jay Hubbell’s modest, one-story house into his yard – all of a sudden you’re in Wonderland, expecting Alice to appear at any moment.  To the right sits a colossal brick and stone structure, shaped [...]

Jemes Davis


If the lights are on in the workshop behind Jemes Davis’ house, chances are he is performing a resurrection of sorts.  Not in the celestial manner, but a resurrection nonetheless.  Davis is an arborist.  He’s paid not only to prune [...]

Joe Byrne


There is a fortunate collector of modernist and contemporary art that has been privileged to purchase some monumental works of art.  On the walls of his private collection, he boasts abstract paintings by the likes of Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, [...]

Delirium Tribal and Alternacirque


Americans have been reinventing the wheel for centuries, forever assimilating foreign cultures into new traditions to call our own.  Our Western ways have created a country of fusion; nearly every art form we cherish, from food to art to entertainment [...]

Heather LaHaise


Heather LaHaise was truly born to love  dogs which would become the focus of all her artwork. The contemporary artist grew up in a dog-loving home, but was it wasn’t until the third grade that she truly became infatuated with [...]

Gisli Gardarsson


“No one blazes a trail of theatrical excitement and thrilling invention quite like the Icelandic actor/director Gísli Gardarsson.”   Reese Moore: What’s been your favorite experience during Spoleto so far? Gisli Gardarsson: Definitely Folly Beach! I haven’t had a chance [...]

Josh Drews


Josh Drews caught our attention with a pair of morose, menacing and intensely crimson colored monotypes – Isum and Erra from the Zombies, Cowboys & Zombie Cowboy series he entered into the Contemporaries of the Columbia Museum of Art’s Artist [...]