Watching Thaddeus Davis dance feels a little bit naughty – especially when his wife Tanya Wideman is watching him, too. There’s an intimacy there, evident in the contraction and release of a muscle, yes, but the sense of voyeurism has [...]

Stephen Chesley


While he supports himself with his art, he’s been a savvy investor to sustain himself through the economic peaks and valleys of the sometimes fickle arts market. But on the whole, Chesley’s livelihood is a byproduct of his lifestyle. “I [...]

American Gun


One of the songs on the back end of American Gun’s new album, released May 10, 2011, is about the joys and travails of being in a local rock band—and it’s called, in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek fashion, “Breakin’ Up.” It’s [...]

Michaela Pilar Brown


Michaela Pilar Brown leans across the café table to be heard more clearly. “It’s OK,” she offers sympathetically. “My voice is small.” It’s true that the beguiling, doe-eyed artist speaks softly. But a small voice? Hardly. Brown’s recent Midlands shows [...]

Peter Lenzo


You could define irony as a ceramic artist with epilepsy and think you came up with something original. Then you meet Peter Lenzo and see exactly how profound the impact that living with uncontrollable seizures has on the work of [...]

Tariq Mix


Standing on the oval track, waiting for his teammate to pass him the baton, Tariq Mix felt the excitement. The air at Franklin Arena was charged with electricity, and yet Tariq focused on the task at hand as he prepared [...]

Roger Hutchison


Roger Hutchison is encircled by a rainbow of his candy colored canvases inside Mr. Friendly’s, where his paintings have been selling like crab cakes. It is hard to believe that only a year ago, this burgeoning 35-year-old painter had never [...]

Susan Lenz – Cyber Fyber


The connection between the South and fiber goes back to the birth of King Cotton in the 17th century and has known an ebb and flow that rivals the tides on our Atlantic shores.  Today, the South’s love of the [...]

Radenko Pavlovich


When Radenko Pavlovich was eight years old, he stood before a panel of ten people who looked him up and down. They stretched his legs in all directions and had him blow into a tube to check his lung capacity. [...]

Tim Floyd


The lofty, industrial City Art gallery showroom was abuzz with patrons one recent Thursday night for a very special art show opening. Many stared in awe at the highly-textured, mood-carving, luminescent paintings with price tags in the thousands and some [...]