Jarid Lyfe Brown


There comes a time in every artist’s life when he or she must decide if art sales can pay the bills efficiently or if another career must be pursued to make ends meet. For Jarid Lyfe Brown, a painter who [...]

Anastasia Chernoff


Is your ass happy?  Well, the asses created by Anastasia Chernoff are. To transcend typical communicative methods, the sculptor employs portions of the human anatomy to convey characteristics and emotions; hence, the happy derriere and the countless sentiments found in [...]

unbound Dance


At the Columbia Music Festival Association’s (CMFA) building, just a stone’s throw away from Gervais and Vine and Carolina Wings & Rib House on Pulaski Street, Caroline Lewis is barefoot, dragging her body across a stage and throwing herself into [...]

Alex Smith


Alex Smith is a student of the 20th century. Here’s a fun way to spend a summer afternoon – ask local artist Alex Smith to tell you about one of the many plays he has directed. Tell him you want [...]

James Dickey


Before I read Deliverance or saw the movie, I heard James Dickey read from his novel at USC’s Longstreet Theater. Jerry Savory of Columbia College was giving me a lift to the bus station, now an art deco bank. “Dickey [...]

Heyward Sims


U: You and art — where, when and under what circumstances did this affair begin? WHS: It started as early as I can remember.  I remember being quite particular about my finger paintings, coloring exercises, and hand writing even as [...]

Sara Mearns


Sara Mearns walks into a Columbia coffee shop in shorts and sandals, no make-up, hair doing whatever it wants to do, with about as much artifice as a puppy coming in to play. Long-legged and strikingly beautiful, yes, but possessing [...]

Andy Smith


Andy Smith doesn’t speak casually when talking about Indie Grits, the independent film festival he has directed for the past five years. He is  contemplative and chooses his words carefully – possibly because words don’t come easily when describing the [...]

A New Home for Our Nick


The sun was beating down on Main Street, on an abnormally hot December day, as I peered into the darkened storefront that has been the face of The Nickelodeon Theatre for nearly three decades. I was there to meet Bruce [...]

Bob Allison


Bob Allison has just recently completed and installed a world-class sculpture of “Jonah and the Whale” for Shandon Baptist Church on Forest Drive.  The round, 15-foot fountain-sculpture has an enormous whale head-and-tail weighing over 1,000 pounds, and a 6-foot Jonah [...]