Jerry Stover


When I began my career, I started out in construction management, and one of my first bosses would often say to the crew, “we have the benefit of 2000 years of progress and electricity, put down the hand tools and [...]

Les Hall


Ask Les Hall to name one thing everyone should know about him, and he will tell you:  “I beat Dan Marino at arm-wrestling!”  This answer reveals much about his character and his attitude towards his career. Les Hall loves to [...]

Scotty Peek


Scotty Peek is a local artist whose work has been shown all over the Southeast for the past ten years.  He is also my brother-in-law.  Journalistic ethics dictate that writers aren’t supposed to interview their relatives.  Perceived bias of a [...]

Jeremy Carter


As idealism dies, a thirtieth birthday approaches, and the rent’s due – the time to take practical action draws near.  When self-taught musician and formally trained luthier Jeremy Carter’s dreams of a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle began to slip away, [...]

Christian Thee


By all measures, Columbia-based modern American artist Christian Thee has had a spectacular career.  He’s painted sets for 25 Broadway shows, and designed 12 more.  His mastery of the ancient art of trompe l’oeil — painting that fools the eye [...]

Jenny Mae Hill


“What I make is inspired loosely by my childhood.  I loved My Little Pony and Care Bears.  This is a strange mutation of that, the adult version.” Hill has been taking sweet-faced toys apart and re-inventing them since she was [...]

Michael Krajewski


What’s your story? I started painting prolifically more so when I was in Athens, [Ga.]. I picked up the paintbrush a lot more, really enjoyed color, pushing it around and just started nonstop—it’s ongoing. Then I moved to Atlanta, hung [...]

Anna Redwine


I once spent an afternoon with Anna Redwine at the Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden, attempting to draw the colorful perennials in the Annual Display of Plants.  Anna, a New Orleans native and a student in the Masters in Fine [...]

Blake Fairies


Blake Fairies’s early teenage years were filled with lots of hamburger meat and plenty of burned fingers. “I was always messing with stuff on the stove,” he recounts, “burning my hand and all that good stuff.” Now his days are [...]

Alex Powers: Inquiries into Being


I still remember standing in the middle of my studio, ‘I will take the prettiness out of my paintings and see if there is any art left.’ – Alex Powers   Alex Powers’ artwork may not be conventionally pretty, but [...]