Three’s a Charm: Lee III, Thomas Phifer’s addition to Clemson University’s Lee Hall


If there is one building type that every architect knows well, it is the Architecture School.  The place where all architects are created, it is the architect incubator, the silent teacher that’s always there.  Architects will speak often of their [...]

Art in the Open: Thomas Phifer’s North Carolina Museum of Art


In a recent presentation to the American Institute of Architects, at his newly completed North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, architect Thomas Phifer opened by saying “I love being an architect.” And standing in the museum it is easy [...]

3004 Forest Drive by Gary Matson


Gary Matson is Columbia’s Modernist man. Along with his wife, Liisa, six-year-old son Ethan, five-year-old daughter Emma, and bulldog Woobie, Gary lives in one of Columbia’s most noticeable homes – and that’s not just because of the robots that preside [...]

A New Home for Our Nick


The sun was beating down on Main Street, on an abnormally hot December day, as I peered into the darkened storefront that has been the face of The Nickelodeon Theatre for nearly three decades. I was there to meet Bruce [...]