Anna Redwine


Anna Redwine’s artwork is experiential on multiple levels – in the conception, the making and the viewing. The New Orleans native works   in a process that sounds just as improvisational as legendary NOLA jazz greats Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll [...]

Colin Quashie


If you’re expecting a subtle, tasteful discussion of social justice issues in contemporary American culture, then Colin Quashie is not the artist for you. But if you are moved by engaged visual criticism and see its potential to have an [...]

Morey Weinstein


If Pixar made  Toy Story with the aid of a pinch of stimulants and a lick of LSD, in effect elevating each computer-generated image to new heights of realism and intricacy and pure, eye-popping color, the end result might resemble [...]

Kent Ambler


  From his first job working for a sign company right out of college, doing anything from hand lettering, billboards, and neon design, to a move to New Mexico trying to fit into the area art scene, the most recent [...]

Hollis Brown Thornton


When asked what art means to you, there are countless available responses one could give; deep, monumental responses, but when presented the question, all Hollis Brown Thornton had to say was, “It makes me happy.” What more of a response [...]

David Yaghjian


Striking out on his own for a hike into the verdant Palatinate Forest that skirts Kaiserslautern, Germany, artist David Yaghjian either caught up with, or outpaced, Everyman. Patrons, collectors and art critics have speculated since the first appearance of the [...]

Sigmund Abeles


Following his guest-curated exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art, An Artist’s Eye, Sigmund Abeles has resumed his active art life in New York. He spends part of the week in his art-filled residence in an historic building on Manhattan’s [...]

Woodie Wentworth


When  Woodie Wentworth strolls down history-drenched MacDougal Street in the heart of New York’s Greenwich Village, walking the same path of dissension as such luminaries as Pollock, Ginsberg, and Dylan – both Thomas and Bob – she doesn’t look necessarily [...]

Russell Biles


Russell Biles’ brick bungalow just north of downtown Greenville has a wide front porch and a terraced backyard that falls away into dense woods. From that lush and sun-dabbled space you pass through a door into a dark and musty [...]

Tyrone Geter


Tyrone Geter recently had hip replacement surgery and was getting around with a stick, good for, he noted, keeping away dogs and writers. He was sitting in the den in an easy chair before the fireplace which, this August morning, [...]