unbound Dance


At the Columbia Music Festival Association’s (CMFA) building, just a stone’s throw away from Gervais and Vine and Carolina Wings & Rib House on Pulaski Street, Caroline Lewis is barefoot, dragging her body across a stage and throwing herself into [...]

James Dickey


Before I read Deliverance or saw the movie, I heard James Dickey read from his novel at USC’s Longstreet Theater. Jerry Savory of Columbia College was giving me a lift to the bus station, now an art deco bank. “Dickey [...]

Heyward Sims


U: You and art — where, when and under what circumstances did this affair begin? WHS: It started as early as I can remember.  I remember being quite particular about my finger paintings, coloring exercises, and hand writing even as [...]

Scotty Peek


Scotty Peek is a local artist whose work has been shown all over the Southeast for the past ten years.  He is also my brother-in-law.  Journalistic ethics dictate that writers aren’t supposed to interview their relatives.  Perceived bias of a [...]

Jenny Mae Hill


“What I make is inspired loosely by my childhood.  I loved My Little Pony and Care Bears.  This is a strange mutation of that, the adult version.” Hill has been taking sweet-faced toys apart and re-inventing them since she was [...]

Michael Krajewski


What’s your story? I started painting prolifically more so when I was in Athens, [Ga.]. I picked up the paintbrush a lot more, really enjoyed color, pushing it around and just started nonstop—it’s ongoing. Then I moved to Atlanta, hung [...]

Anna Redwine


I once spent an afternoon with Anna Redwine at the Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden, attempting to draw the colorful perennials in the Annual Display of Plants.  Anna, a New Orleans native and a student in the Masters in Fine [...]