Delirium Tribal and Alternacirque


Americans have been reinventing the wheel for centuries, forever assimilating foreign cultures into new traditions to call our own.  Our Western ways have created a country of fusion; nearly every art form we cherish, from food to art to entertainment [...]



Watching Thaddeus Davis dance feels a little bit naughty – especially when his wife Tanya Wideman is watching him, too. There’s an intimacy there, evident in the contraction and release of a muscle, yes, but the sense of voyeurism has [...]

Radenko Pavlovich


When Radenko Pavlovich was eight years old, he stood before a panel of ten people who looked him up and down. They stretched his legs in all directions and had him blow into a tube to check his lung capacity. [...]

unbound Dance


At the Columbia Music Festival Association’s (CMFA) building, just a stone’s throw away from Gervais and Vine and Carolina Wings & Rib House on Pulaski Street, Caroline Lewis is barefoot, dragging her body across a stage and throwing herself into [...]

Sara Mearns


Sara Mearns walks into a Columbia coffee shop in shorts and sandals, no make-up, hair doing whatever it wants to do, with about as much artifice as a puppy coming in to play. Long-legged and strikingly beautiful, yes, but possessing [...]