Jeff Amberg


Jeff Amberg listens to the voices in his head. Well, one voice, more accurately. The photographer-turned-fine artist has spent more than 30 years shooting photojournalism and commercial images. One day in the midst of editing photos, a demanding little voice [...]

Erik Campos shot rock n’ roll


It happens at almost every rock show. You’re right down front, being elbowed and jostled. The band is roaring, the crowd is screaming, the lights are dancing across the stage, and suddenly it hits you. “This is magical,” you tell [...]

Michaela Pilar Brown


Michaela Pilar Brown leans across the café table to be heard more clearly. “It’s OK,” she offers sympathetically. “My voice is small.” It’s true that the beguiling, doe-eyed artist speaks softly. But a small voice? Hardly. Brown’s recent Midlands shows [...]