Visual Arts

Jerry Stover


Autumn in the south, slightly before the sun is realized above the horizon, brings a feeling unique to this part of the world.  It’s crisp, but not truly cold. The air smells like the rolling smoke off of smoldering apple [...]

Morey Weinstein


If Pixar made  Toy Story with the aid of a pinch of stimulants and a lick of LSD, in effect elevating each computer-generated image to new heights of realism and intricacy and pure, eye-popping color, the end result might resemble [...]

Glenn Saborosch


Imbuing static objects with an inspiring sense of motion compels sculptor Glenn Saborosch to create. “I am challenged by taking a most solid and unmoving material and expressing the opposite with a figure that moves impressionistically through space,” said the [...]

Diana Farfán


Diana Farfán was driven to her current body of work by a stint teaching art to underprivileged children in her hometown of Bogotá, Colombia. She now lives in Greenville, SC and works both from the garage of her house and [...]


Starting next issue we’ll pick an artist and give them 5 days and $500 to create something spectacular. No other rules. All mediums. Sound interesting? Here’s how it works. The editorial board of undefined will meet and choose an artist [...]

Woodie Wentworth


When  Woodie Wentworth strolls down history-drenched MacDougal Street in the heart of New York’s Greenwich Village, walking the same path of dissension as such luminaries as Pollock, Ginsberg, and Dylan – both Thomas and Bob – she doesn’t look necessarily [...]

Russell Biles


Russell Biles’ brick bungalow just north of downtown Greenville has a wide front porch and a terraced backyard that falls away into dense woods. From that lush and sun-dabbled space you pass through a door into a dark and musty [...]

Tyrone Geter


Tyrone Geter recently had hip replacement surgery and was getting around with a stick, good for, he noted, keeping away dogs and writers. He was sitting in the den in an easy chair before the fireplace which, this August morning, [...]

Erik Campos shot rock n’ roll


It happens at almost every rock show. You’re right down front, being elbowed and jostled. The band is roaring, the crowd is screaming, the lights are dancing across the stage, and suddenly it hits you. “This is magical,” you tell [...]