The Royal Tinfoil


It’s impossible not to love The Royal Tinfoil. The Charleston-based quintet describes themselves alternately as “fake cousins that like to party” and “fake cousins who fell down a well”, and this charming faux-family plays some really gorgeous tunes that vocalist Lily Slay describes as Americana-rock-meets-gypsy-sex. The end result? One damn good show. Undefined caught up with The Royal Tinfoil at one of Charleston’s favorite dive bars, Tattooed Moose, a spot noted for its beer menu and unusual taxidermy collection. The band mates straggled in one at a time for the interview, and once we cracked the PBR tall boys and got the cigarettes smoldering, we got down to business. Tell us a little bit about how you guys got started. Mackie and [Lily] got started [...]

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Three’s a Charm: Lee III, Thomas Phifer’s addition to Clemson University’s Lee Hall


If there is one building type that every architect knows well, it is the Architecture School.  The place where all architects are created, it is the architect incubator, the silent teacher that’s always there.  Architects will speak often of their schools, describing their buildings to each other in arcane lingo, painting vivid backdrops for stories of late nights, struggles and triumphs on their way to understanding their chosen craft. The relationship between architects and architecture schools is unique, and it is rare for an architect to have the opportunity to design one, rarer still to design an addition to one’s own.  Such is the case with Lee III, Thomas Phifer’s addition to Clemson University’s Lee Hall. Built in 1960, Lee Hall was conceived as a [...]

Art in the Open: Thomas Phifer’s North Carolina Museum of Art


In a recent presentation to the American Institute of Architects, at his newly completed North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, architect Thomas Phifer opened by saying “I love being an architect.” And standing in the museum it is easy to imagine why. A Tom Phifer building is always a study in harmony, deceptively simple in form and detail, restrained and expressive at the same time. The effect is one of serene clarity that can leave you feeling as if the solution must have been obvious to him from the beginning. In fact, for Phifer, a Columbia native and Clemson graduate, who has practiced architecture in New York City for 30 years, the journey has been anything but obvious, and has always been very hard [...]

Hollis Brown Thornton


When asked what art means to you, there are countless available responses one could give; deep, monumental responses, but when presented the question, all Hollis Brown Thornton had to say was, “It makes me happy.” What more of a response could one ask for? Simple, straightforward, and heartfelt; no added fluff, just an honest interpretation. Thornton continued his answer by saying, “It is the perfect balance of challenge and reward.” But when it comes to actually producing the art, the answer is not so clear. “It is a spectrum of emotions,” Thornton said, “Frustration. Stress. Occasional success. But I think no matter how good or bad the work is going, I always feel productive. Even in failure there are many things to learn.  So I’d [...]

David Yaghjian


Striking out on his own for a hike into the verdant Palatinate Forest that skirts Kaiserslautern, Germany, artist David Yaghjian either caught up with, or outpaced, Everyman. Patrons, collectors and art critics have speculated since the first appearance of the scantily-clad pauchy middle age man in Yaghjians paintings, and as subjects for his cardboard and wooden sculptures, that the works are self-portraits. He is still not saying, but a half-smirk takes over his face at the mention of pundit Pogo’s revelation: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Everyman is no enemy to Yaghjian. Sitting, dancing, performing with a small dog or playing guitar, dangling from a trapeze or blowing leaves, Everyman has been Yaghjian’s close companion for six years. In fact, Everyman [...]

Diana Farfán


Diana Farfán was driven to her current body of work by a stint teaching art to underprivileged children in her hometown of Bogotá, Colombia. She now lives in Greenville, SC and works both from the garage of her house and from White Whale Gallery and Studios, where she hand-builds and displays her pieces. She credits strong coffee with getting her through her daily routine, often working in her studio until late into the night. The need to externalize stories and news that affect her soul and “burn inside” if she doesn’t, keeps her dynamic as an artist and person, and continually redirects and refocuses her passion for intrinsic humanity. Farfán received her first ceramic training at the age of eleven, with Colombian ceramist Juanita Richter. [...]

Sigmund Abeles


Following his guest-curated exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art, An Artist’s Eye, Sigmund Abeles has resumed his active art life in New York. He spends part of the week in his art-filled residence in an historic building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, one originally built as residential artist studios, and the other in his spacious studio upstate in Columbia County. While in the city he maintains an active social life in art, and in and around my visits with him, he was either going to an opening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art or a reception at the National Arts Club. He regularly attends drawings sessions at the Century Association, a private club that is the heir to the Sketch Club, an organization founded [...]


Starting next issue we’ll pick an artist and give them 5 days and $500 to create something spectacular. No other rules. All mediums. Sound interesting? Here’s how it works. The editorial board of undefined will meet and choose an artist to feature in the upcoming issue. We will give them $500 and 5 days to complete the work. All mediums are considered. Create a one woman show, an art car, a film, concert, anything… Once the work is complete we will help show it. If it is a performance piece we’ll find a venue. The work will also be featured in the next issue of undefined. All proceeds from the sale of the work/performance remain with the artist. That’s it. Pretty simple. If you would [...]